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Newsletter #4: An Epidemic of Good Things to Know and Do

Hello everyone! Since the previous February 9 newsletter, the world has completely changed and we are rushing headlong towards a more uncertain future than ever. Of course, the planet had a little break while everyone had to stay home, but in defiance of all the risks, the employees of the telecommunications companies braved the danger and continued to erect ever more cell towers and to install ever more antennas, always closer to us and therefore exposing us to ever more unhealthy levels of microwave radiation. Apparently, irradiating the population is an essential service that we cannot do without. Joking aside, as far as 5G opponents were concened, the Earth didn’t stopped spinning and beautiful things have occurred. The number of Stop 5G groups in Quebec continues to grow little by little - there are now 9 such groups as you can see HERE. Same thing for the number of sympathizers or simply curious people who read and share the publications of the Facebook pages of these groups where I publish every day a rich and diverse content, including the page of Stop 5G Montreal which now has more than 1,800 subscribers. After the town of Sutton on December 4, two new municipalities have adopted a resolution calling for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G: Pike River and Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Over the last 2 months, nearly 12,000 more people have signed the 5G IN MONTREAL: ONE G TOO MANY! petition which will soon reach the milestone of 20,000 signatories (when including the French version). This is very encouraging! But the really GREAT news that I have the pleasure to share with you is that after months of preparation and discussion, a group of 7 passionate and determined people worked diligently to create a platform of demands presenting the main concerns shared by all Canadian activists opposed to the proliferation of electro-pollution sources, including 5G of course, and making specific and detailed requests to the Canadian government on what we want it to do to protect the health of all Canadians, as well as that of our environment. This summary document can now be viewed at To entice you to take the time to read it (less than 10 minutes), here is its title and introduction ...


If recent events have shown us anything, it is that our health is what matters most, late responses to early warnings of potential harm are costly... and we need the Internet! The telecommunications industry is rushing to deploy 5G across Canada, with no prior health and environmental impact assessment, without fully understanding the economic consequences, and without our informed consent. Full 5G rollout will require the installation of hundreds of thousands of new antennas throughout the country on cell towers, hydro poles, lamp posts, buildings and other structures,  often within a few metres of where we live and work. Canadians are largely unaware of the risks of chronic exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by wireless technology. We rely on the government to ensure our safety. To date, Health Canada has let us down. We are urging Canadians to appeal to the Government of Canada to “look before we leap”, to immediately suspend any further 5G rollout, and to press for a safer, more cost-effective and secure alternative — namely fibre optic and wired connections to every home and business. This document contains 54 footnotes offering links to various scientific studies and documents demonstrating the validity of the various facts highlighted in this Appeal. If need be, note that the French version is available at What will this document be used for? First of all, you have to understand its uniqueness. To my knowledge, this is the first time in the world that a group of activists, members of organizations like Canadians for Safe Technology created by Frank Clegg, Safer Wireless Radiation Manitoba created by Marg Friesen and the Let’s Stop 5G - Let's Live Safely campaign, which I helped launch last summer in Quebec, have been working together to formulate such a platform. People who oppose 5G are often criticized for simply denouncing that they refuse, without clearly stating what they want, or how to get the Canadian government to genuinely take our grievances into account and respond effectively. This is, I sincerely believe, what we have managed to achieve with this first national platform of demands. Now, what do we plan to do with it? First of all, we are asking you to participate tomorrow in an “email-o-thon”, a collective action that Canadians across the country can make from the comfort of their homes. Following the international demonstration that took place on January 25, to which more than 300 Quebecers took part in the streets of downtown Montreal, the action in which you are invited to join in this Friday, April 24 will take place as part of hundreds of other such virtual actions taking place around the world this coming weekend. Why we do this action on Friday rather than over the weekend? It is because we are all going to send a flood of emails to the constituency offices (opened on Friday) of the members of Parliament to whom the requests made on our platform are addressed. We want to make sure that they cannot pretend to be unaware of what our demands are. What you are asked to do is to set aside time this Friday to email to the federal MPs of your choice a copy of our Urgent Appeal to the Government of Canada along with a personal letter which we invite you to write, in courteous but firm terms, inviting them to take a few minutes to read this platform and think about what they can do to act on it as soon as circumstances allow, that is, once the current health crisis is over. You can choose to write only to the federal MP in your riding, whose email address you can find by clicking on his/her name after selecting your province at and then by clicking on the Contact tab. Or you can write to all the Liberal MPs from your province or from all of Canada, or even to the all the 338 Canadian MPs whose email addresses you can also find via If you choose to write them all, it will take some time. That's why it's called an email-o-thon. You are invited to donate your time instead of your money to this cause. If you write to French-speaking MPs, send them the French version of the Appeal. If you ever receive a personalized response, make sure to send your thanks and take the opportunity to try to engage into a constructive dialogue. Finally, remember to write to me at to let me know the number of MPs you have been able to contact and the noteworthy consequences that may have resulted. I will compile this information for a future report. But above all, please, do not put me in copy of the emails that you will send them so as to not overflow my mailbox. If you want an example of what you could write to them, here's one ... Dear Mr xxx (or dear Mrs. xxx) I am writing to you today to draw your attention to the attached document presenting an Urgent Appeal to the Government of Canada. Whether you are or a member of the governing party, the important preoccupations and demands expressed in this appeal deserve your attention, as they concern the health and safety of all Canadians, as well as the sustainability of our environment. You may be somewhat surprised to learn that we are not protected by the current guidelines issued by Health Canada regarding radio frequency radiation. You may even think that there is no reason to worry about your health when using wireless devices, such as a cordless phone or a cell phone. To believe this is a dangerous illusion. If you want to document yourself on this subject, you just have to visit and more specifically, or this French website, to discover reliable and verifiable information on what concerns me and concerns more and more Canadians with the 5G roll-out. (Here you can take the opportunity to tell a personal story, in easy-to-understand terms, about the symptoms you may have experienced when exposed to microwave radiation from a phone, another type of mobile device, or cellular network antennas. Use simple language and above all avoid reporting baseless theories like the one that linked the pandemic outbreak to 5G antennas in Wuhan, China. All the media have recently rightly ridiculed this. You will not win the sympathy of your interlocutor by presenting any conspiracy or other theory based only on the kind of false rumors that abound on social networks.) A Canadian petition will soon be launched in support of this Appeal. Hundreds of town councils will be invited by next fall to adopt a resolution calling on the Canadian government to act on it, including by imposing an immediate halt to the installation of any new antenna – there are already more than 764,581 of them in Canada and that's enough! – as long as the Safety Code 6 guidelines have not been the subject of a real in-depth review, without interference from scientists with conflicts of interest and based on the numerous independent scientific studies that have irrefutably established that an improper and reckless use of a cell phone considerably increases the risk of developing a brain tumor (glioblastoma) with a prognosis of death within 2 years of a diagnosis, not to mention the multiple other health impacts resulting from chronic exposure to this insidious, invisible but very real form of pollution. Thank you in advance for the interest and attention you will pay to this Appeal and to the concerns that I and thousands of Canadians have expressed with one voice on this April 24. With cordial and respectful insistence, Your name, city of residence and province * * * It is important not to make grouped sendings (multiple addresses in Cc) so that your recipient understands that you are addressing him or her personally. It has been shown that every voter who takes the trouble to write to their MP generally represents the opinion of many other voters. This form of soft pressure tactic can sometimes be very effective. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within one week of sending it, you could, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your action, call your federal MP's county office to ask if your email has been submitted to his our her attention and if he or she plans to answer you soon. This would clearly be a great way to avoid our common concerns from falling between two chairs. What we have all understood is the importance of protecting the well-being of those whose health is most at risk in our society. The same standard must apply to the health impacts of microwave radiation causing or aggravating a lot of suffering, enormous costs for our health system and thousands of premature deaths, precipitated by the pernicious and largely underestimated effects of this radiation . It is certainly important to thoroughly wash our hands, as we are all constantly reminded, to limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect ourselves. But it is deeply unacceptable that our federal elected representatives wash their hands of their moral and legal responsibilities with regard to this national crisis which still passes under the radar of our media and health authorities, whose denial towards the impacts of this pollution is matched only by their obstinacy in perpetuating this very denial. As you saw by reading the model letter proposed above, a national petition will soon be launched to give all Canadians an opportunity to give their personal support to this Appeal, and thus signal to the Canadian government that they all share the desire that the current irresponsible and dangerous laissez-faire ceases regarding this latent crisis. At the same time, the group behind this platform will soon contact many prominent public figures in order to seek their public support for this approach. A special letter will be prepared for this separate effort. However, we must first create the detailed information sheet that will support this Call. It will contain the explanations necessary to better understand each of the issues outlined. As soon as the petition and this backgrounder are ready, rest assured that you will be informed quickly. Good activism! Jean Hudon

Founding member of the organizing committee for the Let’s Stop 5G - Let’s Live Safely campaign This material has been excerpted and translated from the original French newsletter posted atépidémie-de-bonnes-choses-savoir-et-à-faire To subscribe to this French newsletter, you may do so via the “Abonnement” button at

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